2021 55¢ Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses – Montauk Point Lighthouse, New York
April 12, 1792

Montauk Point Light

On April 12, 1792, Montauk Point Light was authorized by President George Washington.  It was the first lighthouse built in the state of New York and one of the first public works projects of the United States.

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 1920 1¢ Pilgrim Tercentenary: The Mayflower
September 16, 1620

The Mayflower Departs England for America

On September 16, 1620, the Mayflower left England. The Pilgrims braved rough seas and a harsh winter in search of religious freedom and founded the settlement of Plymouth.

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2004 37¢ USS Constellation
September 7, 1797

First USS Constellation Launched 

Ordered by a Congressional Act in 1794, the first American ship to be christened the Constellation was launched on September 7, 1797.  It was the first ship commissioned into the United States Navy; the first put to sea; and the first to fight, defeat, and capture an enemy vessel.

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1965 5¢ Robert Fulton
August 17, 1807

“Fulton’s Folly” Makes First Commercially Successful Steamboat Voyage

At the behest of his critics, Robert Fulton launched his steamboat from New York harbor on August 17, 1807.  While many had their doubts, Fulton proved the commercial viability of steamboats, which would rule American waterways for the next half-century.

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 U.S. #372 was issued on this day in 1909.
September 25, 1909

The Hudson-Fulton Celebration 

On September 25, 1909, the Hudson-Fulton Celebration opened in New York and New Jersey.

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