World War II

1993 Percy Julian stamp
April 11, 1899

Birth of Percy Lavon Julian

Chemist Percy Lavon Julian was born on April 11, 1899, in Montgomery, Alabama. Julian was one of the first African Americans to receive a doctorate in chemistry, and the first to be inducted into the National Academy of Sciences. He owned more than 100 chemical patents and was a pioneer in chemical synthesis of drugs used in medicine.

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US #2981b – from the World War II – 1945: Victory at Last Sheet
February 3rd, 1945

The Battle of Manila

The WWII Battle of Manila begins. It was the first and most violent urban fighting of the war in the Pacific, but the Allies were victorious.

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 US #5020 was issued for Newman’s 90th birthday.
January 26, 1925

Happy Birthday Paul Newman

Actor, director, race car driver, and philanthropist Paul Leonard Newman was born on January 26, 1925, in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

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 US #4510 – from the Distinguished Americans Series
January 19, 1905

Birth of Oveta Culp Hobby

Oveta Culp Hobby was born on January 19, 1905, in Killeen, Texas.

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 US #2765f – from the 1943: Turning the Tide Sheet
January 17, 1944

Battle of Monte Cassino

On January 17, 1944, the Allies launched one of the longest and bloodiest fights of the Italian campaign – the Battle of Monte Cassino.

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 US #930 pictures Roosevelt and his upstate New York home at Hyde Park.
January 14, 1943

Casablanca Conference

On January 14, 1943, Allied leaders met in Casablanca, Morocco, to discuss the next stage of World War II.

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 US #908 – FDR personally selected this stamp design to show the world why the US entered the war. 
January 6, 1941

Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms

On January 6, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt gave his “Four Freedoms” speech while delivering the State of the Union Address.

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 US #3908 – from the 2005 American Scientists Issue
December 28, 1903

Birth of John von Neumann

Mathematician and scientist John von Neumann was born on December 28, 1903, in Budapest, Hungary.

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 US #2187 was issued on Chennault’s 100th birthday.
December 20, 1941

Flying Tigers First Combat 

On December 20, 1941, the Flying Tigers engaged in their first battle.

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