World War II

2014 $19.99 USS Arizona Memorial, Express Mail
May 30, 1962

Opening of the USS Arizona Memorial

On May 30, 1962, the USS Arizona Memorial was officially opened to the public. A tribute to those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor, it’s visited by two million people per year and is a National Historic Landmark.

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2004 37¢ National WWII Memorial
May 29, 2004

National World War II Memorial

On May 29, 2004, George W. Bush led the official dedication ceremony for the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. More than 150,000 people attended the dedication ceremony, which included music, videos, newsreels, and speeches.

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2018 50¢ Peace Rose
April 29, 1945

The Peace Rose

On April 29, 1945, the Peace rose was made available for sale in the US. The Peace rose helped popularize gardening and provided a huge boost to the rose industry. 

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1990 25¢ Olympians: Eddie Eagan
April 26, 1897

Birth of Olympian Eddie Eagan

Edward Patrick Francis Eagan was born on April 26, 1897, in Denver, Colorado.  He’s the only person in Olympic history to win gold medals in both Summer and Winter sports.

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1994 29¢ Edward R. Murrow
April 25, 1908

Edward R. Murrow

Edward Roscoe Murrow was born on April 25, 1908, in Guilford County, North Carolina.  A respected radio and television news reporter for 30 years, he’s considered one of America’s major figures in the field of journalism.

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1993 29¢ Dean Acheson
April 11, 1893

Birth of Dean Acheson

Dean Gooderham Acheson was born on April 11, 1893, in Middletown, Connecticut.  Serving in the state department for over a decade, he was influential in many of the United States’ World War II and post-war initiatives, including the Lend-Lease Act, Marshall Plan, and NATO.

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1995 32¢ World War II: Okinawa, the Last Big Battle
April 1, 1945

Battle of Okinawa 

On April 1, 1945, the Battle of Okinawa began. Lasting nearly three months, it was the last major battle of the war and the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific.

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2006 10¢ American Clock
March 31, 1918

First National Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. 

On March 31, 1918, daylight saving time went into effect for the first time in the United States. It was originally instituted as a wartime measure, but was later adopted permanently.

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2007 41¢ Legends of Hollywood: James Stewart
March 22, 1941

James Stewart Goes to War

On March 22, 1941, James Stewart was inducted into the US Army, making him the first major US movie star to don a military uniform during World War II.

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