5 Tips to Save Money on Stamps

Here are five easy ways to save money on stamps – all while supporting a small town, employee-owned USA business…

#1: Buy U.S. Stamps with Tiny Imperfections

Stamps are pieces of paper and prone to damage. We sell stamps with small flaws for less than our catalog prices. Enjoy all the beauty, historical importance, and collectability of the stamps you want while paying less.


Check out the sought-after 1893 Columbian stamp (US #232) above. The unused and mint condition look nearly identical. The imperfections are nearly invisible when affixed to an album page. Unused stamps often look just as good as mint examples!

#2: Choose Sets vs. Individual Stamps

Sets are cheaper than buying the individual stamps within them. Take the 1938 Presidential Series below. The best way to find sets on our website is by typing a series name into the search bar.

#3: Take Advantage of Year & Decade Sets

Enjoy even greater savings off individual stamp prices when you choose year or decade sets. Check out some of the examples below…

#4: Give Foreign Stamp Collections a Try

We have hundreds of fun foreign collections. You can shop by specific country or get mystery bags full of neat stamps from across the globe. These collections give you hundreds of neat stamps at terrific low prices. Many times, you’ll pay just pennies a stamp! Here are just a few examples we have in stock…

#4a: Check Out Collector-Made Foreign Stamp Collections

These unique worldwide collections are cheaper because we saved the cost of breaking them down – and passed those savings on to you. Each collection is different and much cheaper than buying individual stamps or even sets – you’ll save hundreds!

#5: Switch to Mystic Albums and Mounts

Mystic albums and mounts are the best value in the industry. We make our albums and supplements ourselves and pass the savings on to you. Our mounts are museum quality, low cost, and available pre-cut in every US stamp size. They’re cost-effective AND convenient!

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