Beginner’s Guide to Stamp Collecting

New to Collecting? Start Here!

Welcome to the fun and relaxing world of stamp collecting. Although Mystic’s business is selling stamps, First Day Covers, and supplies, all of us really enjoy helping you with your collection! I feel like I’ve made a new friend now that you’ve joined our Mystic family. Maybe that’s because I come from a family of … Read more

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How Mystic Can Help Your Collection Grow

Located in Camden, New York, Mystic Stamp Company has been serving stamp collectors across America since 1923! President Donald Sundman and 150 dedicated stamp colleagues offer you many ways to enjoy your hobby.

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How to Start Your Stamp Collection

Unlock the world of stamp collecting! Begin at your mailbox, saving stamps from envelopes. Learn the art of removal, engage family and friends. Discover quality stamps through Mystic. From sports to history, delve into themes. Join clubs, explore online avenues. Navigate stamp values and identification with Scott Catalogue. Beyond currency, find worth in heritage, preserving history through this timeless pursuit.

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How to Identify U.S. Stamps

The chief reward of collecting stamps is discovering the fun, relaxation, and thrill of acquiring the stamps you love best! Knowing the basics of identifying your stamps will add to your enjoyment. Two stamps can look the same, and yet are different issues with different Scott numbers and greatly differing values. Measuring Perforations You may … Read more

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How to Choose Mounts

Mounts are sold according to size in millimeters. The first number is the horizontal measurement, or width, across the mount. The second number is the vertical measurement, or height, of the mount. Example: A 45 x 30 mount measures 45 mm wide by 30 mm high. The Most Common Mount Sizes The most commonly sized … Read more

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How to Use Hinges and Mounts

Once you’ve chosen an album, you’ll need either hinges or mounts to hold your stamps in place. Pre-folded stamp hinges are transparent, gummed pieces of paper. The small side of the hinge is attached to the stamp and the larger side to the album page. Hinges are fine for used stamps. If you collect mint … Read more

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A Guide to the Many Different Papers Used to Print U.S. Stamps

There are many different types of paper that have been used to print US stamps.  That includes some styles or additions that, while not necessarily considered types, are worth noting when attempting to identify a stamp.  For example, here are the two paper types most often seen in the Banknote stamps: Hard White Other Names: … Read more

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Basic Tools of the Stamp Collector

Tongs Handling stamps with your fingers is risky business. Each time you hold a stamp between your fingers you’re subjecting it to oils and dirt, plus the possibility of accidental folding or creasing. For that reason, you should invest in a good pair of tongs. There are many types to choose from, but generally beginners … Read more

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Organize Your Stamps and Choose an Album

Most stamp collectors not only accumulate stamps, but also enjoy arranging them in an attractive, organized way for easy viewing. By doing this, you’ll have a collection to be proud of and protect your stamps from damage. You can organize your stamps any way you want. Many collectors organize by country (US, Spain), region (Europe, … Read more

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Discover events in American history – plus the stamps that make them come alive.

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