Stamp Sets and Series

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  • Identification Guide to Farley’s Follies Stamps


    It can be a bit of a challenge to understand the small differences between Farley’s Follies stamps.  That’s why we’ve put together this handy identification guide, so you know exactly…

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  • Have you noticed? Music Icons sheets resemble 45rpm record sleeves!

    We’re all familiar with the popular Music Icons Series.  But have you noticed the stamp sheets are designed to look like 45rpm record sleeves?

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  • Pictorials

    1869 Pictorial Issues

    The 1869 Pictorials were historic.  They were the first U.S. stamps to feature something other than the bust or head of a famous American leader.  They were also the first…

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  • Series of 1902-03

    Series of 1902-03

    This series is an extreme example of officials deliberately using postage stamps as learning tools. Included within the ornate frames of each stamp are symbols relating to the honored American’s legacy,…

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  • Celebrate the Century

    Celebrate the Century

    On February 3rd, 1998, the Postal Service released the first sheets of Celebrate the Century stamps. Prompted by the upcoming Millennium celebration, this  series recognizes those people, places, and events that…

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  • WWII series

    World War II 50th Anniversary


    World War II was the most significant event of the 20th century.  The U.S. Postal Service began planning for the war’s 50th anniversary in 1985.  It wanted to honor the…

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  • Great Americans

    Great Americans Series

    The popular Great Americans Series honors special Americans from all walks of life and honors them for their contributions to society and their fellow man. Sixty-four different stamps make up the…

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  • Prominent Americans

    Prominent Americans Series

    The Prominent Americans Series of definitive stamps replaced the Liberty Series.  Rather than focus primarily on political figures as its predecessor had, the Prominent Americans Series reflects the growing diversity of…

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  • Liberty Series

    Liberty Series

    The Liberty Series was issued from 1954-61.  It included definitive stamps with denominations ranging from 1/2¢ to $5.  (It would be the last 1/2¢ definitive stamp issued by the U.S.)…

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