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Elvis Presley – King of Rock ‘n’ Roll AND Postage Stamps

Ever since Elvis Presley’s death in 1977, fans across America clamored for a postage stamp honoring the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.  The world’s first Elvis stamps were issued by St. Vincent in 1985 (four singles and four souvenir sheets), but the US still had nearly a decade to wait. Around 1988, Postmaster General Anthony … Read more

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The Scoop Behind Modern U.S. Imperforate Stamps

The US Postal Service made philatelic history in 2012 when it issued a small number of commemorative stamps in imperforate as well as perforate form.  These imperforate stamps were, and still are, a big deal in the stamp collecting world. 

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Discover the Fun of “Tagged” Stamps

On August 1, 1963, the United States Post Office Department issued our first stamp with “phosphorescent tagging” – the 1963 8¢ Airmail.  The tagging was done to speed up mail sorting and the cancellation process. (Get the full story here.) By the late 1950s, mail volume around the world was increasing dramatically.  Many countries began … Read more

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History of International Stamp Exhibitions in the U.S.

The first international stamp exhibition to be held in the U.S. took place in New York City in 1913.

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America’s First Inverts

Nearly 150 years ago, officials unveiled a revolutionary stamp series produced by the National Bank Note Company.

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Amazing Flying Boats Carried First Trans-Pacific Airmail

Aviation in the 1920s developed at an incredible pace.  Instead of the fragile wood and fabric of early biplanes, aircraft were soon being constructed of sturdy, streamlined metal propelled by increasingly light and powerful motors.

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Martín Ramírez First Day of Issue Ceremony

On March 26, 2015, New York City’s Ricco/Maresca Gallery hosted the First Day of Issue dedication ceremony for five stamps.

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What is microprinting?

Microprinting is tiny type added to a stamp’s design. The type is so small, it can’t be read without a magnifying glass or microscope.

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World War II 50th Anniversary

World War II was the most significant event of the 20th century.  The U.S. Postal Service began planning for the war’s 50th anniversary in 1985.  It wanted to honor the key events of the war effort as well as the various aspects of national endeavor that contributed to Allied victory.  But how to do that … Read more

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