Mystic buys stamps

Mystic Buys Stamps

Mystic has spent tens of millions of dollars on stamps in the past five years, yet our need for stamps is still at an all-time high.  If you’re ready to sell your stamps, call Mystic and see why it’s always easier to deal with the best.

And although we’re America’s leading stamp dealer, we’re proud of our small-town values and can guarantee you’ll be treated by the “Golden Rule.”

• We pay full market prices for your stamps.
• We treat you with honesty, respect, and professionalism.
• We pay you “on the spot.”
• We pledge that a Mystic Stamp expert will value your stamps.

We’ve been around for a long time – since 1923 – and we’ve always treated our clients the way we like to be treated – with respect, candor, and honesty. Our spotless reputation ensures you’ll be paid what your stamps are worth. (It may be more than you think.) Call us today at 1-800-835-3609 and get an excellent price for your stamps along with the first-rate treatment you deserve.

Note:  For the best service selling smaller collections, we prefer you ship your stamps to our office in Camden, where our team of professionals will evaluate them.

How to Ship Your Stamps to Mystic Stamp Company…

Special Note: Please call 1-800-835-3609 before sending stamps to Mystic.

It’s very important to properly prepare your stamps for shipping.  Taking a few precautions will maximize the safety of your stamps.  Here are a few helpful tips:

• Place all the items you’re shipping to Mystic in a plastic bag inside the box to prevent water damage

• Secure stock books and albums with rubber bands to keep them from opening.  This keeps your stamps from coming loose.

• Place albums and stock books in the box, “right side up.” Mark the box “this side up.”

• Use plenty of packing material.  Fill any empty spots in the box with packing material to prevent contents from shifting

• Wrap a strong packing tape around the box to hold it together in case it’s damaged.

• Put your name, address and telephone number on each item – such as an album or stock book – you are shipping.  This will aid in the recovery of your stamps should the contents of your parcel become separated during shipping.

Unfortunately, even a properly prepared package may be damaged.  (This is unlikely.)  So we recommend you insure your package.  Insure your stamps for an amount you would find satisfactory if they were lost.  Your stamps are insured while they are at Mystic.

Mystic’s address is:

Mystic Stamp Company
Attn: Stamp Buyer
9700 Mill St.
Camden, NY  13316

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  1. I have got some collections of stamps for decades, other than shipping the stamps to you, may I scan and forward a few pages of the existing stamps for your expertise comments please ? Thank you.
    Have a good day.

    Kin, TSOH (Hong Kong SAR)

  2. Where can I find the value of stamps in my collection? some of my stamps are around 100 years old.

    1. Although Mystic Stamp Company doesn’t perform appraisals, we can recommend several reliable sources for information. For example, the Scott Catalogue is filled with information on U.S. stamps and most worldwide issues. Another source for worldwide stamps is the Kraus-Minkus Catalog. Both catalogs are great resources for stamp identification and value. Most local libraries contain at least one of these valuable resources.

  3. I have a rare compilation for sale. Identified as 1. Franklin 1 cent blue Scott #192 variety design A44a (Mark in pearl at left of “1”, soft porous paper no gum. 2 Washington 2c pale red brown : Scott # 211B and I have discovered that they are extremely rare.

    1. Due to the rarity of the stamps, we recommend that you have your stamp(s) verified by the Philatelic Foundation before selling. In fact, Mystic Stamp Company uses their services to verify hard-to-identify, easily faked, and high-value stamps.

      For your convenience, I’ve included the Philatelic Foundation’s contact information below.

      The Philatelic Foundation
      341 West 38th Street, 5th Floor
      New York, NY 10018
      Tel: 212-221-6555
      Fax: 212-221-6208

  4. I have a well kept albums of famous American statehoods etc. Each page is encased and the stamp matches the event÷ TEXAS CENTENNIAL DEC 29th 1946

  5. I have some stamps that say official mail USA on top in red
    Blue background and white eagle on that. USA 20c then
    under that it says Penalty for Private use. $300 in red
    I have different amounts. Do you have a supplement page I can use for these stamps.
    I can’t find the stamps in your book. On it has the year 1983.
    Thank you Mark Titel

  6. I have the following: all under glass: 15 1937 Hawaii 3cent purple King Kamahmaha , 25 1962 Space Needle 4cent Seattle Worlds Fair, 10 Mt. Rainier 3cent maroon color, 25 1958 300th anniversary of New York City with tall ship and windmill in violet-purple. Do any of these have any interest to a collector or they interesting in any way?

      1. Your comment to “SUSAN O’BRIEN MAY 28, 2015 – 11:15 PM” was of interest to me due to the descriptions that you suggested. My question is “Do I need a copyright release to use those descriptions in my personal, homemade albums?” They add a great amount of information to each issue and would enhance the enjoyment value of my collections. Thank you.

        1. Hi John,

          As long as the album is for personal use, you do not need a copyright release.

          Enjoy your stamps!

  7. I am the designer of about 40,000 First day covers. All were hand cut and folded in House . Are you interested. Around 2005 thru 2011. Thank you Robert C Kirk

  8. I have many first day cover envelopes from 1956-1962.
    Also a 1994 Year of the Boar and Sun Yat Sen 1961
    Many were addressed to my aunt. Does it take away value
    if they have addresses written on the issue?

    1. Hi Marjorie,

      Addressed First Day Covers are typically worth less, should ever decide to sell them. But, the connection to your Aunt is pretty neat. Enjoy your covers!

  9. I am looking to sell a book of first day covers. There is 82 of them. They are from the 1950-1989. I have been trying to price them out by myself and it is getting really confusing. How do I go about an appraisal? Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Thank you for submitting your recent inquiry regarding the value of your stamps. We are happy to recommend a very good resource that you can access at your local library that will help you with identifying and finding a current value for your stamps.

      Scott Catalogue is a seven-volume set of reference catalogs filled with very detailed information. One of the volumes is called the Scott’s Specialized Catalogue. This catalog features extensive, in-depth coverage which makes it easy to identify and value most U.S stamps. Foreign stamps should be covered in Volumes 1-6 in alphabetical order by Country. Another source for worldwide stamps is the Kraus-Minkus Catalog. Both catalogs are great resources for stamp identification and value. Most local libraries contain at least one of these valuable resources.

      If you are considering selling your stamp collection, please fill out our form on Mystic Stamp Company’s Website at or contact our buying department directly at 1-800-835-3609 email:

  10. Hello, my father has collected many stamps throughout the years and now has to move out of his house and sell everything. There are so many stamps and I don’t know what to do with them. Would it be possible to send you the whole collection and you can purchase them if you are interested?

  11. I would like to know about Sheet plate numbers back in the fifties. Is correct that a sheet has four
    plate numbers, one in each corner? Then the next sheet the plate number is increased by one digit
    thus creating a new number. This would mean there is only four plate numbers with the same
    number. TL,TR,BL,BR

    1. Yes, a full sheet from the 1950’s (before they were cut down to panes of 50 for sale) had four plate numbers in each corner. Each pane of 50 has one plate number. The following is a link to stamps from 1950-61. We picture many sheets in the “Show More” section under the Mint & Used stamp listings.
      This is a link to an image of #987, the first commemorative from 1950.

  12. I have a variety of old stamps still on original envelopes which include a two cent rose George washington , 3¢ nation united etc…

  13. I have a few 1974 Christmas “Peace on Earth” 10-cent stamps that are marked “precanceled”. They were the first adhesive stamps. Can they be used for regular mailing ? I was puzzled by the “precanceled” designation. I also have some 1975 Christmas stamps that have no denomination marked but are also 10-centers. How about them ? Thank you.

  14. I have a large U.S. collection and then a much smaller World collection. I want to focus on the U.S. more and would like to let go of the worldwide stamps. I say “collection” loosely because there is probably a grand total of maybe 70-100 stamps. They’re all hinged or mounted in a manila folder with album pages. Would Mystic be willing to buy something of such small size? Should I bother mailing it in? Thank you.

    1. Hi Joshua,

      Please call 1-800-835-3609 to get assistance on these best way to handle your stamps. Thanks.

  15. Hello

    My family has a sheet of 1974 US Mineral stamps with the color of printing completely off center for whole sheet. I know when and which post office the stamps were purchased at. Have you ever seen this?

  16. I have a big collection of foreign stamps dating before 1980. These stamps are sorted by country and are in glassine envelopes. Is this something Mystic would be interested in ? I would say there is around 1000. I also have hundreds of mint, never hinged, US stamps which are also in glassine envelopes. Interested in selling those also. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Susanne,

      Please call 1-800-835-3609. Mystic’s expert stamp buyers will tell you the best way to proceed.

      – Thanks!

  17. I’m happy to do business with you. You seem to be the one I’m looking for to help me to sell my stamps.

  18. My mother law left me a box of both U.S. and foreign postage stamps. She was a stamp collector and also left acouple of stamp collection books (not full). They date back anywhere from the 1930s to the 1980s. There are so many that I am overwhelmed on where to turn with these so we can sell them. I have purchased the 2016 US/BNA postage stamp catalogue by H.E. Harris & Co. I have both unused and used stamps. Can you help me?

      1. I’m happy to do business with you. You seem to be the one I’m looking for to help me to sell my stamps.

  19. I was given a USPS Lunar New Year Collection (gold layered silver ignots) and Presentation Chest. Everything is still in its original packaging and sealed. How do I value this and how should I try to sell it?

  20. I have an international postage stamp album 1901-1920 along with a lot of loose stamps. Would like to sell them but I am lost as to where to start. They were inherited and I need help as to where to start. Thank you for any advice.

  21. This just might throw me on a major drag. I couldn’t say for sure but mice got a hold of my stamps and well to say the least I was ready to wage war. I haven’t collected for some time and actually gave away some pretty darn cool ones. Haven’t been able to sell or buy, lack of accessabilty. I’m also one of those Generation X folklore (rumored to have existed before any computer etc.) if you know what I mean. This is an interesting www find. VPD Pueblo, CO.

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