Civil War

1983 Dorothea Dix stamp
April 4, 1802

Birth of Dorothea Dix

Dorothea Lynde Dix was born on April 4, 1802, in Hampden, Maine. She spent much of her life improving and establishing new mental asylums. Dix also served as the Superintendent of Army Nurses during the Civil War.

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1995 Mary Chesnut stamp
March 31, 1823

Birth of Mary Chesnut

Author Mary Boykin Chesnut was born on March 31, 1823, near Stateburg, South Carolina. She kept a detailed diary of the Civil War from her perspective and the resulting book had been labeled a masterpiece and a work of art.

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1986 Adolphus Greely stamp
March 27, 1844

Birth of Adolphus Greely

Explorer Adolphus Washington Greely was born on March 27, 1844, in Newburyport, Massachusetts. He served with the Union Army during the Civil War and later led a polar expedition. Greely was the second person in history to receive a Medal of Honor for “lifetime achievement.”

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1879 Webster stamp
March 7, 1850

Webster’s “Seventh of March” Speech

On March 7, 1850, Massachusetts Senator Daniel Webster delivered one of his most famous speeches, the “Seventh of March” speech. It expressed his support for the Compromise of 1850 that would help avert a Civil War but proved disastrous for his Senate career.

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Charles Goodnight stamp
March 5, 1836

Happy Birthday, Charles Goodnight

Cattle rancher Charles Goodnight was born on March 5, 1836, in Macoupin County, Illinois. One of America’s most famous cattle barons, Goodnight helped blaze a major cattle trail and is sometimes referred to as the “Father of the Texas Panhandle.”

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 US #288 pictures Frémont raising the US flag over the Rocky Mountains.
January 21, 1813

Birth of Explorer John C. Frémont

John C. Frémont was born on January 21, 1813 in Savannah, Georgia.

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 US #879 was issued in Bardstown, Kentucky, where Foster was inspired to write “My Old Kentucky Home.”
January 13, 1864

Death of Stephen Foster 

On January 13, 1864, Stephen Foster, the “father of American music,” died in New York City.

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 US #138 – An 1871 National Bank Note Printing with the H Grill.
December 19, 1814

Birth of Edwin Stanton

Edwin McMasters Stanton was born on December 19, 1814, Steubenville, Ohio.

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 US #2168 – from the Great Americans Series
November 8, 1900

Birth of Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell was born on November 8, 1900, in Atlanta, Georgia.

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