1919 2¢ on 1¢ Shanghai Overprint - green
May 24, 1919

U.S. Issues Shanghai Stamps 

On May 24, 1919, the US issued stamps for use in Shanghai, China. The stamps were produced in limited quantities and only remained in use for a few years.

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1909 2¢ Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition
May 16, 1801

Happy Birthday William H. Seward

William Henry Seward was born on May 16, 1801 in Florida, New York. Seward served as Abraham Lincoln’s secretary of state during the Civil War and later acquired Alaska for the United States.

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1918 24¢ Curtiss Jenny
May 13, 1918

America Issues First Airmail Stamp

On May 13, 1918, the United States issued its first airmail stamp – US #C3. It carried America’s first airmail two days later, and sparked one of the world’s most famous stamp rarities.

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1963 15¢ 1st International Postal Conference
May 11, 1863

First International Postal Conference

On May 11, 1863, representatives from 15 nations met in Paris to discuss postal issues.  That first International Postal Conference would eventually lead to the creation of the Universal Postal Union.

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1881-82 6¢ Lincoln, brown red
May 7, 1861

Lincoln Made Honorary Citizen of San Marino

On May 7, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln accepted the “honor of citizenship” from San Marino. It was one of the earliest instances of US and San Marino relations, which wouldn’t be formally established for decades. 

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2016 47¢ Shirley Temple
April 23, 1928

Happy Birthday Shirley Temple 

Beloved child star and diplomat Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928, in Santa Monica, California. Temple starred in over 40 films by the time she was 12, and went on to become the first female ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

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1982 20¢ US and Netherlands Relations
April 19, 1782

US-Netherlands Relations

On April 19, 1782, John Adams secured recognition from the Dutch Republic of the United States as an independent government. This marked the start of one of America’s longest unbroken peaceful relationships with another nation.

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1940 3¢ Pan-American Union
April 14, 1890

Founding of the Pan American Union 

On April 14, 1890, the United States and several Latin American countries created the Pan American Union to address matters of common interest. This day has since come to be known as the “Day of the Americas” and “Pan American Day.”

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2021 55¢ Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses – Montauk Point Lighthouse, New York
April 12, 1792

Montauk Point Light

On April 12, 1792, Montauk Point Light was authorized by President George Washington.  It was the first lighthouse built in the state of New York and one of the first public works projects of the United States.

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