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1998 32¢ Albert Bierstadt stamp
January 7, 1830

Happy Birthday, Albert Bierstadt

Artist Albert Bierstadt was born on January 7, 1830, in Solingen, Germany.  He was the most successful of the Hudson River School Artists and his paintings of the American West helped inspire increased settlement. 

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2008 Braille stamp
January 4, 1809

Birth of Louis Braille

Louis Braille was born on January 4, 1809, in Coupvray, France. Braille invented the reading and writing system used by the visually impaired for nearly two centuries.

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2016 47¢ Jaime Escalante stamp
December 31, 1930

Birth of Jaime Escalante

Jaime Alfonso Escalante Gutiérrez was born on December 31, 1930, in La Paz, Bolivia. Escalante taught math to a class of students previously deemed “unteachable.” Escalante became famous after the story of his success was re-told in a book and a movie.

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1980 40¢ Philip Mazzei stamp
December 25, 1730

Birth of Philip Mazzei

Italian physician, merchant, horticulturalist and close friend of President Thomas Jefferson, Philip Mazzei was born on December 25, 1730, in Poggio a Caiano (Prato) in Tuscany.

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1999 33¢ Hollywood Composers: Franz Waxman stamp
December 24, 1906

Birth of Franz Waxman

Franz Waxman was born on December 24, 1906, in Königshütte, Upper Silesia, German Empire (present-day Chorzów, Poland). Waxman was the first composer to win an Academy Award for best film score two years in a row.

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1947 3¢ The Doctor stamp
December 22, 1971

Doctors Without Borders

On December 22, 1971, Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without Borders was founded. The international humanitarian non-governmental organization provides medical aid in times of crisis around the world.

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1994 29¢ Battle of the Bulge stamp
December 16, 1944

The Battle of the Bulge

On December 16, 1944, the Battle of the Bulge began.  It was one of the largest and bloodiest battles of the war to involve the United States.

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2018 $2.50 Declaration of Human Rights stamp
December 10, 1948

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On December 10, 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  This date is now celebrated as Human Rights Day.

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2020 F.S. 1,70 Eradication of Small Pox stamp
December 9, 1979

Smallpox is Declared Eradicated

On December 9, 1979 the Global Commission for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication completed their task, confirming the disease would no longer be spread naturally.

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