Revolutionary War

2000 33¢ Brandywine Flag
September 11, 1777

Washington Defeated at Brandywine

On September 11, 1777, George Washington’s forces lost the battle of Brandywine. It was the largest battle of the war, involving over 30,000 troops between both sides, and it was the second-longest single-day battle, lasting 11 hours.

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1936 1¢ Washington & Green
August 7, 1742

Happy Birthday Nathanael Greene

Revolutionary War commander Nathanael Greene was born on August 7, 1742, in Potowomut (Warwick), Rhode Island. One of the Continental Army’s most dependable officers, his leadership was instrumental to the Southern Theater of the American Revolution.

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1847 5¢ Benjamin Franklin, red-brown, thin bluish wove paper, imperforate
July 26, 1775

Ben Franklin Appointed America’s First Postmaster General 

On July 26, 1775, former deputy postmaster general of the American colonies, Ben Franklin, was made the first postmaster general of the United States. He revolutionized mail service in the young nation at a crucial time in our history.

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1929 2¢ George Rogers Clark
July 23, 1966

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park

On July 23, 1966, George Rogers Clark National Historical Park was established in Vincennes, Indiana.  The park honors this Revolutionary War hero and his role in the expansion of the Northwest Territory.

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1975 18¢ Contributors to the Cause: Peter Francisco
July 9, 1760

Happy Birthday to Peter Francisco

Pedro Francisco, also known as the “Virginia Giant,” the “Giant of the Revolution,” and the “Virginia Hercules,” was born on July 9, 1760, in Porto Judeu, Terceira, Portugal. A hero of the Revolutionary War, many of his exploits were larger than life.

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1934 16¢ Airmail Special Delivery
June 20, 1782

U.S. Adopts Great Seal

On June 20, 1782, the United States adopted the Great Seal. It had taken six years, three committees, and the work of 14 men.

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1975 10¢ US Military Uniforms: Continental Army
June 14, 1775

Continental Army Formed 

On June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress established the Continental Army, the precursor of the United States Army. Commanded by George Washington, they faced off against the British in such notable battles as Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, and Germantown.

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1968 6¢ John Trumbull
June 6, 1756

Birth of John Trumbull 

Artist John Trumbull was born on June 6, 1756, in Lebanon, Connecticut. A prolific artist, he painted many of America’s founding fathers as well as notable events and battles from the Revolutionary War.

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1902 8¢ Martha Washington
June 2, 1731

Happy Birthday Martha Washington 

America’s first First Lady was born Martha Dandridge on June 2, 1731 (by the Old Style calendar), on her parents’ Chestnut Grove Plantation near Williamsburg, Virginia. After leading several initiatives to involve women in the Revolutionary War, Martha established many of the responsibilities and traditions of the office of first lady.

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