Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio Sets 56-Game Hitting Streak 

Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio Sets 56-Game Hitting Streak 

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On July 16, 1941, Joe DiMaggio entered the record books hitting in 56 straight games, a record that still stands today.

DiMaggio’s historic streak began on May 15 in a game against the Chicago White Sox. After hitting in about 20 consecutive games, newspapers took notice of the streak and DiMaggio was in the spotlight. His streak was nearly broken on June 24 when pitcher Bob Muncrief was ordered to walk him in his last at bat. Muncrief refused, and DiMaggio got a single. On July 2, DiMaggio surpassed Willie Keeler’s 1897 44-game hit record, vaulting himself into the record books.

By the time of his July 16 game against the Cleveland Indians, DiMaggio was the talk of the sports world. People no longer asked if had hit, but how many he hit. Including that day, he hit in 56 straight games, getting 91 hits in 223 at-bats, driving in 15 home runs and 55 runs batted in.

DiMaggio came close to extending his streak even further. On July 17 he hit the ball hard twice, but it was stopped both times by the third baseman. Few players have come close to reaching DiMaggio’s record. The last man who approached it was Pete Rose in 1978, whose streak ended at 44 games.

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2 responses to "Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio Sets 56-Game Hitting Streak "

2 thoughts on “Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio Sets 56-Game Hitting Streak ”

  1. Great! Need I say more? I think this is a great way to give stamp collectors
    an extra plus in ways they collect stamps……history tied to a stamp!! Wow……
    I have collected stamps since I was 12 years old……and I am now 82 !!! and I
    still love the ” Hobby “…………..Thanks Mystic………

    Sam Altobelli

  2. That move by Muncrief refusing to walk him was an honorable thing to do. Even tho’ he was on the opposing team he gave him his best shot and DiMaggio got his hit. I wonder what the coach said afterwards??? Thanks for the story about a great player and an honorable deed.


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