Collecting Tips and Tricks

Stamp Identification Guidelines

At Mystic, we understand getting started in stamp collecting can be a little confusing, but it’s a lot of fun and we’re here to help.

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How to Identify a Die Cut Perforation

Die-cut perforations are cut by a metal device to produce perforation-like wavy lines for separating stamps.  Self-adhesive stamps are die-cut.

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Stamp Collecting Resources

Want to go in-depth?  Arago is your resource to the study of philately and postal operations, using items from the National Postal Museum’s collection.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our Customer Service Representatives talk to hundreds of collectors each day.  Often, the callers have questions like these.

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Long-term Stamp Storage

Whether at home or in a storage unit, stamps and covers should be kept where humidity and temperature are at safe and fairly consistent levels.

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How to measure perforations

Sometimes two stamps look alike and the only difference is the gauge of the perforations.  Perforations are small rows of holes punched between stamps to make them easier to separate.

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Let Mystic Help Your Collection Grow

Did you know Mystic offers a wide range of services that makes it fun and easy to enjoy your hobby time, whether you’re a new collector or a seasoned pro?

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How to Hinge a Stamp

The experts at Mystic have put together a short video showing how easy it is to hinge your stamps.  Just follow these tips and you’ll have your stamps organized in a jiffy!

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How to Measure Stamps for Mounts

Getting the right sized mount for your stamps is easy with the guides shown below.

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